Personal background

After 26 years in the chemicals industry, and with redundancy looming, it was time for a change. Having dabbled with clocks as a hobby for many years, and often being asked by friends and acquaintances to sort out their family heirlooms, the obvious answer to the career problem was to set up in business as a horologist.

Formal training with the British Horological Institute was the next step, and still continues, there being no end to what can be learnt in this field. This involves study of the theoretical aspects of time keeping & clock design, and practical work in repairing & making clock parts.

At the same time I invested in tools & equipment, fitted out my workshop, and started to take on a few simple jobs for people at work.

The few jobs became several jobs; the simple jobs became more complex; while my employment gradually ran down. Ultimately this led to the birth of Wealden Clock Repairs. Wealden because I am located in the Weald of Kent, Clock because I do not work on watches, and Repairs because I am a repairer not a clock maker. (Well not just yet.)